Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers: Top 16 Coin Manager Apps

Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers

Cryptocurrency investors, traders and hodlers all want to know what are the best crypto portfolio trackers to use? Let’s review the top 16 crypto asset management apps of 2020 to try for keeping track of your coins.

The 16 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management Apps

The global crypto market has remained quite volatile over the past couple of years — with this burgeoning sector touching its all-time high in 2017 only to collapse a year later. And while seasoned traders know how to take advantage of bear markets in general, most individuals do not possess the required skills to facilitate profitable trades during such rough times. Also, it bears mentioning that over the last decade or so, the number of cryptocurrencies available for commercial purchase has grown to over the 2,300 mark. Not only that, the crypto sector currently witnesses a daily 24h trade volume of approximately $77 billion — which serves as a decent indicator of the growing investor interest flowing into this space.

With all of this information out there, it should be understood that most crypto enthusiasts these days possess more than just a few cryptocurrencies in their financial portfolios. This is because they now have the option of investing in a wide array of diverse, lucrative digital assets that are designed for a variety of different purposes. However, at the same time, all of these developments have resulted in investors finding it increasingly more difficult to track their holdings.


This is where crypto portfolio trackers come into the picture. They are apps or online service platforms that are designed to help users in monitoring the performance of their digital assets in a highly simplified, streamlined manner. Not only that, newer apps of this nature now even come replete with a whole host of sophisticated features such as:

Trade execution portals.
Automated strategy management modules.
Time-based portfolio assessment counters.

Most Popular Cryptocurrency Portfolio Managers

What is a Crypto Portfolio Tracker and What to Look for in It?

In its most basic sense, a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker can be thought of as an app, website or a service platform that allows users to keep a close watch on the value of their investments. In this regard, it bears mentioning that most trackers are designed to automatically link with their owner’s personal crypto wallet or exchange account. Not only that, but they are also extremely useful for large-scale investors who actively trade more than 3 coins regularly.

As mentioned earlier, some cryptocurrency portfolio trackers have been devised in such a way that they also function as trading platforms. For example, they assign a person with an individual wallet key that can be used to either import or hold on to one’s crypto assets in a simple, straightforward manner.

With that being said, different portfolio trackers come with their own, unique sets of features — which is to say that no one platform ever does everything perfectly. For example, some allow their users to trade only a certain subset of cryptocurrencies while others come laden with a massive catalog of altcoins but don’t offer many tracking features.

The essentials to look out for when choosing a tracker:

(i) Overall security and privacy: Owing to the decentralized, transparent nature of the blockchain, it can be extremely difficult for a person to track/trace the tx’s associated with different cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin). Not only that, but it is also extremely tough to determine who owns which wallet. Because of these factors, an individual must choose the right portfolio tracker for him/herself — since most of these portfolio management systems are directly linked to a person’s exchange or bank account.

A single lapse in one’s individual data security can leave the person’s wallet vulnerable to third party hacks, intrusion attempts. Therefore, it is of utmost importance the portfolio tracker being employed by an individual comes pre-built with several core security features such as 2-FA (two-factor authentication) and multi-layer encryption.

(ii) Ease of Use: The core purpose underlying the use of a portfolio tracker is to have all of an individuals’ crypto assets in a single place. In this regard, an efficient portfolio manager is one that displays the total value of an individual’s assets in one place (that too in the simplest manner possible). Thus, when choosing a tracker, it is of utmost importance the platform in question be simple to operate — so much so that it should not be a struggle for a person to keep a close watch on their coins and tokens.

Not only that, the tracker should come laden with a clean layout that does not contain too much technical jargon. This not only helps a person save a lot of time and effort but makes the process of managing one’s assets stress-free.

(iii) Compatibility + Availability of Coins: Another extremely important thing to consider when choosing a portfolio tracker is whether the platform in question is compatible with one’s desired cryptocurrency exchanges. In this regard, it is quite useful to select a management tool that allows users to trade all of the digital currencies that they may wish to exchange either now or shortly. This eliminates the need for users to make use of multiple trading platforms, as well as, memorizing countless passwords.

Crypto Trackers Worth Checking Out

1. Gem

gem cryptoasset tracker

Gem is one of the most widely used portfolio management systems in the market today. Not only does it offer users a smooth operational experience but it also has an aesthetically pleasing design that is pleasing to the eye. Some of the other core features of Gem that make it stand out include:

(i) Sync Compatibility: One of Gem’s core features is its ‘exchange sync option’ which allows the app to automatically input any trades that have been performed by the user in the past. This makes porting one’s portfolio extremely simple and hassle-free.

(ii) Free: The tracker is free to use and there are no terms and conditions associated with the app.

(iii) Easy Recovery: A whole host of crypto trackers do not possess the ability to import/retain one’s portfolio data in case the person loses their handheld device. However, Gem allows users to import their holdings with the touch of a button. This is because once a user creates his/her portfolio on Gem, their finance accounts automatically get linked to the interface — thereby making recovery extremely hassle-free.

(iv) Currency Support: At press time, Gem supports most crypto/fiat assets that are in circulation today. If that wasn’t enough, the application is also compatible with a total of 25 top crypto exchanges. To link Gem’s native interface with a supported trading platform, all one needs to do is simply connect their related API keys with the app. This allows for all of the user’s trading history (on the associated exchange) to automatically get synced.

(v) Discovery Portal: For investors who may want a broader overview of the market, they can make use of Gem’s ‘discovery option’ that allows users to track the prices of various lesser-known altcoins as well as provides them with a host of research information related to this burgeoning space. For example, the portal allows users to read whitepapers, check out the market’s top gainers and losers as well as other niche data with the click of a button.

(vi) Trustworthy: Gem has been around in the market for quite some time now, with the first iteration of the app going live sometime around November 2013. Additionally, the project has also been able to raise a total of USD 20M+ from investors all over the globe. Some big-name players who have invested in Gem include Fenbushi Capital and Blockchain Capital.

In closing out this segment, it bears mentioning that when compared to its contemporaries, Gem is not only the most visually attractive portfolio tracker but it also comes laden with several unique features that are not commonly found in such platforms.

2. Delta

delta cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app

Delta is one of the most popular crypto trackers available in the market today. While it is predominantly a mobile-based app, Delta also features desktop clients that are compatible with a variety of popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, it should be pointed out that the above-mentioned desktop clients are extensions of the Delta mobile app.

Some key features worth highlighting:

(i) Minimalistic + Elegant Design: Delta’s native interface is extremely posh looking. For example, the app makes use of a deep blue color scheme that is elegant and gives the platform an overall sophisticated appearance.

(ii) Watchlist: Delta comes pre-built with a ‘watchlist’ option that allows users to track all of the coins that they might be looking to purchase in the near future.

(iii) Sync Options: Using their API keys, users can connect Delta to a host of cryptocurrency exchanges. This makes it extremely easy for people to their trade data as well as consolidate their holdings in one place.

(iv) Seamless Recovery: Delta provides its users with an “Account Recovery” option that generates a dynamic recovery code that can be employed in the event of a person losing their handheld computer device or smartphone. The entire process is extremely simple and can be completed within a matter of minutes.

(v) Free + Paid Plans Available: Delta offers users with a large number of free and paid plans. For example, Delta PRO is currently priced at $7 for iOS users and $8.5 for android users. Additionally, there are many annual subscription packages available for purchase as well.

(vi) Delta Pro: This is a paid version of the standard Delta app that comes replete with several advanced portfolio analysis tools. Not only that, but it also allows users to connect as many exchange accounts/crypto wallets with the app (as they may like).

(v) Active Digital Community: Delta’s online community is quite active across many social media platforms such as Telegram and Slack.

(vi) Currency and Exchange Support: As things stand, Delta is compatibility with a whopping 3000+ cryptocurrencies. Not only that, but the app also supports more than 200 crypto trading platforms while providing users with the ability to add custom coins for ICOs that are yet to be listed.

Delta is an extremely comprehensive crypto tracking tool that is best suited for low to medium-level traders since it comes replete with several features that are automated and easy to use. Also, it is the only tracker that comes with its separate desktop client. The only downside to the app is that its charting capabilities are a bit limited and that its API sync support capabilities are limited to a relatively low number of cryptocurrency exchanges.

3. Blockfolio

Blockfolio review

Along with Delta, Blockfolio is probably one of the most popular crypto management portals in the market today. The app’s design is extremely intuitive but does not feature a web client that can be accessed using a desktop computer or laptop. Additionally, Blockfolio provides users with the ability to track multiple portfolios and is completely free to use. However, the one tangible downside to the app is that it does not feature an exchange sync option — which means that all individual trades have to be added manually to the app’s interface.

Key features worth highlighting:

(i) Investment Classification: One of Blockfolio’s key features is its ability to add multiple portfolios to its existing system. As a result of this, it becomes extremely easy for users to classify their investments into different categories.

(ii) Hassle-Free Recovery: Blockfolio allows users to seamlessly import their portfolio(s) in the event of their handheld devices being stolen or lost

(iii) Blockfolio Signal: This is one of the app’s most important features which enables third-party projects to relay notifications and alerts (related to new partnerships, news) directly to the system.

(iv) Peripheral Options: In addition to all of its core facets, Blockfolio also comes replete with several other options. For example, it features an ‘explore section’ that lists a wide array of latest crypto news that can help people stay up to date with all of the current happenings related to the world of digital currencies. Additionally, the app also has an in-built ‘Night Mode’ feature as well as a PIN entry protocol that can prevent people from gaining unauthorized access to one’s data.

(v) Good Compatibility: Blockfolio is compatible with more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies and can be used in conjunction with 250+ exchanges.

In closing out this section, it should be pointed out that to date, Blockfolio has been able to raise a total of USD 15 million from seasoned investors all over the world. Some big-name players who have invested in the project include Refactor Capital, Huobi and BitMEX.

4. CoinTracking

CoinTracking crypto portfolio app

As the name suggests, CoinTracking is a portfolio management app that comes replete with a large number of advanced features. In this regard, it should be pointed out that that app is best suited for full-time traders who are looking to gain deeper insights into their investments (both in the short and long term). At the time of writing this article, CoinTracking is available on Android as well as iOS devices, however, to use the app a web registration needs to be completed first.

Key features:

(i) Straightforward Interface: While CoinTracking’s native UI may not be as elegant and good looking as some of its digital contemporaries, the app does its job well and comes laden with all of the features that a good portfolio tracker should possess.

(ii) Import Capabilities: CoinTracking allows users to import all of their trades — that have been processed across various trading platforms — with the touch of a button.

(iii) Exchange and Wallet Compatibility: CoinTracking allows users to interact with several established cryptocurrency exchanges using their API keys (which allows them to import their portfolio and trading data seamlessly.) Not only that, but the system is also compatible with a whole host of hard and soft wallets (such as Trezor and Exodus.)

(iv) Free and Paid Services: While CoinTracking’s basic interface can be downloaded for free, its more advanced features can only be used if people subscribe to the app’s paid services. For example, the free account allows users to enter a total of 200 trades and does not permit data integration from any third-party blockchain wallets.

The advanced versions of CoinTracking cost between $70 to $1000 — depending upon the plan that is selected.

(v) Historical Data: A key facet of CoinTracking is that it lets users keep a close tab on the historical price data associated with various cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the app also has a Bitcoin Analysis tool that makes use of various statistical modules that can be used to predict the price of BTC.

(vi) Tax Computation Tool: One of CoinTracking’s most standout features is its tax calculation tool that can be used for a number of different purposes such as:

Creating one’s crypto tax reports
Generating profit/loss sheets etc.
Determining which cryptocurrencies can be sold tax-free.

(vii) Free Tutorials: The app is complemented by a large number of comprehensive Youtube videos and guides that allow users to better grasp the system’s various basic/advanced features.

In closing out this section, it should be made clear that CoinTracking is best suited for those individuals who are heavily into crypto day trading. Also, the free version of the app limits users to a total of around 200 trades — which can be quite annoying to say the least.

5. Cryptocompare

CryptoCompare portfolio tracking manager

Cryptocompare is another popular crypto tracking system that is suitable for casual as well as experienced traders. The app comes with a vast array of features and is available for use on desktops, smartphones as well as other smaller devices. Some of the key features of Cryptocompare include:

(i) Support for Multiple Portfolios and Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocompare allows users to create any number of portfolios about one’s specific needs and requirements. Not only that, the app is also designed to be fully compatible with a vast array of digital currencies that are available in the market today.

(ii) Visually Striking: The charts and graphs presented by Cryptocompare are quite visually appealing as well as easy to comprehend — since they don’t make use of any technical jargon.

(iii) Lots of Small Peripheral Features: Cryptocompare not only allows users to add small notes to their portfolios but also allows them to sort their cryptocurrencies in any way they may see fit.

(iv) Advanced Options: The app comes with a risk analysis tool that allows users to determine the future valuation of their holdings in a scientific manner. Not only that, but Cryptocompare also comes replete with a number of advanced chart analysis options that are ideal for comparative studies.

(v) Free to use: The portfolio tracker is completely free to use and can be employed in a highly straightforward and hassle-free manner.

(vi) Cloud Storage: Another core facet of the app is the ease with which it can be restored in case a user loses his/her smartphone device. This is because the portfolio data is stored on the cloud under a specific registered account which can be recovered pretty much at any given time (with the touch of a button)

(vii) Sharing Options: Using Cryptocompare, investors can choose to make the specifics of their portfolios either public or private — as well as share it with others if they may wish to do so.

In addition to all of the data that has been presented above, it should also be pointed out that Cryptocompare’s native interface is a little difficult to understand at first. Thus, it can be useful for readers to have a quick look at some of the associated guides and tutorial videos that are available online to better understand how the system works.

6. CoinStats

CoinStats user guide

CoinStats is quite a basic cryptocurrency management system when compared to its digital counterparts. However, it does its job well and allows users to track the value of over 3,000 cryptocurrencies that too on some 300 odd crypto exchanges. In this regard, some of the other key features of CoinStats include:

(i) Ease of Use: The CoinStats app is available for use on desktop computers as well as on smartphone devices.

(ii) Connectivity: The app can establish a direct link with a user’s native wallet and exchange account. This allows for data importation-related activities to become highly straightforward and hassle-free.

(iii) Alerts and Notifications: Coinstats comes pre-built with a price alert counter that notifies users about any price changes that may be taking place about their assets in real-time. Not only that, but the app also notifies users of important updates and news stories that might be of interest to them.

In closing out this section, it should be highlighted that CoinStats does not offer users with any groundbreaking features nor is its interface up to par with some of its closest rivals. However, because the app allows users to connect to over 20 established crypto exchanges and wallets via their API keys, it more than fulfills its basic purpose.

7. AltPocket

AltPocket digital currency portfolio tracker

While not as feature intensive as some of its contemporaries, AltPocket is arguably one of the best looking crypto trackers in the market today. Not only is the app free to use, but it also allows users to input their API keys into the system so that their trades can get updated in a automated manner. However, if users wish to do so, they can manually input their trade data.

(i) Integration Options: AltPocket allows users to input their pricing API to several different platforms such as CoinMarketCap, Poloniex or Bittrex.

(ii) Shareability: The app is extremely easy to operate and allows users to share their portfolio and performance data with other people with the touch of a button.

(iii) Attractive Data Presentation: As mentioned earlier, in terms of its data presentation and visual outlay, Altpocket is one of the best crypto tracking solutions in the market today.

In closing out this section, we need to make it abundantly clear that there are many other crypto management systems that are as good (if not better) than AltPocket in the market today. Thus, when making a choice, one should sieve through as many options as possible before settling on one particular app.

8. CoinFinance

CoinFinance crypto app

CoinFinance is another app that has been gaining a lot of mainstream traction over the last couple of years — with many media outlets even referring to it as the Google Finance of the cryptocurrency world.

Key Features:

(i) Excellent Interface: CoinFinance’s native interface is extremely visually appealing and user-friendly. It does not feature any technical jargon and can be used by experienced as well as novice users alike.

(ii) Ease of Use: As mentioned earlier, CoinFinance is easy to use and makes use of various smaller apps that can be run on iOS as well as Android devices.

(iii) Advanced Features: The app comes pre-built with a fair few advanced analysis tools that are perfect for experienced traders.

9. Shrimpy

Shrimpy cryptocurrency tracking app

While the name Shrimpy may seem a little off-putting to some, it is an excellent portfolio management web app that comes replete with a large number of desirable features, For starters, the app’s UI is extremely straightforward and easy to use. Not only that, but it also allows users to link all of their exchange/wallet accounts with itself with the touch of a button.

(i) Attractive Design: Shrimpy’s interface is quite visually appealing and presents users with all of the information they might require in an extremely well-sorted, functional manner.

(ii) Advanced Tools: As with many of its other tracking counterparts, Shrimpy too offers users a highly elaborate set of advanced analysis and computational tools that can help investors maximize their returns.

(iii) Automated Trading Strategies: The app allows users to formulate their personalized trading and HODLing strategies which can be executed at a later time in a completely automated manner.

(iv) Web-Only Interface: It bears mentioning that Shrimpy is available as a web-only interface that does not have an associated mobile app to go along with it. The system can currently only be accessed through the company’s official website, so there is a chance that some people may fall prey to scammy projects that may be trying to impersonate the platform’s general look.

10. LiveCoinWatch

LiveCoinWatch crypto coin app

As the name suggests, LiveCoinWatch is a price tracking web app that can be used as an alternative to CMC (CoinMarketCap). In regards to the platform’s overall functionality, LiveCoinWatch allows users to keep a tab on a host of niche data such as:

The real-time price movements of various cryptocurrencies

The market position of different cryptocurrency pairs

The live-action associated with various cryptocurrency exchanges

Volume, liquidity, the market dominance of various coins

Key Features:

(i) Seamless Management: Using LiveCoinWatch, users can easily easily manage and track the performance of their various digital currency holdings.

(ii) Web-only Interface: LiveCoinWatch is available for use as a web-only app. This may be a bit of a turn-off for some users but overall this feature allows for increased security and privacy.

(iii) Minimalistic Design: Quite unlike many of its contemporaries that come loaded with a host of unnecessary features, LiveCoinWatch’s design is quite minimalistic and straightforward.

(iv) Manual Data Entry: To update one’s portfolio data, users need to manually enter the details of all the tokens/coins that they might have bought and sold in the past.

In closing out this section, it is important to remember that the app is quite basic in its overall functionality and does not come with any advanced features (such as statistical charts, analysts tools, alert options etc). However, it does do a decent job when it comes to pictorially showcasing the performance of one’s crypto portfolio.

11. Coinmanager

Coinmanager crypto tracker

Coinmanager is another app that seems to be gaining a lot of traction in recent times. For starters, the app not only serves as an excellent portfolio tracker but it also comes with an arbitrage function that allows users to track the price difference between different trading platforms.

Key features include:

(i) Exchange Integration: CoinManager can be easily linked with a whole host of cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Bithumb, and Coinone using one’s API keys. This makes trading much more streamlined and hassle free for users.

(ii) Feature Loaded: The app, in its current iteration, is available on iOS as well as Android devices. In terms of its features, CoinManager comes pre-built with a highly useful charting module that is powered by TradingView. Not only that, as mentioned earlier, the app also comes with an arbitrage function that allows investors to profit from the price differences (in relation to various crypto assets) that exist between different crypto trading platforms at any given point in time.

(iii) In-app trading: CoinManager allows users to facilitate real-time trades within the app itself.

While the app in itself does not have any glaring flaws attached to it, its general interface can be a bit complicated to master.

12. Cryptonaut

Cryptonaut crypto portfolio management

Cryptonaut is an excellent portfolio management system that makes use of an attractive user interface that is extremely easy to navigate. Additionally, the app is perfect for people who possess a wide array of digital currencies — since Cryptonaut is compatible with a wide range of digital currencies.

Key Features:

(i) Alerts: The app allows users to receive instant push notifications/alerts in regards to the different cryptocurrencies that may be of interest to them.

(ii) Currency Compatibility: Users can view their portfolios in a number of different fiat assets (including Bitcoin, Dollars, Euros, and more.)

(iii) Ease of Use: Cryptonaut makes use of an extremely simple design that can be used by novice as well as advanced users alike.

Lastly, it bears mentioning that Cryptonaut comes replete with a number of operational tools that are quite useful for full-time traders as well as serious cryptocurrency investors. With that being said, there currently exist quite a few other crypto management systems today that are equal (if not better) than Cryptonaut.

13. Kryptographe

Kryptographe overview

KryptoGraphe is a free portfolio manager that is available to both Android as well as iOS users. In terms of its overall functionality, the app is designed in such a way that it can automatically integrate itself with a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. Not only that, the platform is extremely secure, fast, efficient and makes use of an aesthetically pleasing design that is quite user-friendly.

The app provides users with a host of performance insights using indicators such as:

Growth Nos
Percentile Nos

Lastly, Kryptographe is available in 13 languages and provides its users with a wide range of rewards using its native referral system — wherein users can upgrade to premium features by simply referring their family and friends to come make use of the app.

14. BitSnapp

tracking cryptos with BitSnapp

Bitsnapp is a relatively new app that is only available on the Android market at the moment. In regards to its features, the app allows users to sync their portfolios via multi-Exchange APIs and wallets in a completely automated fashion. Additionally, some of the other core features of BitSnapp include:

It provides users with elaborate charts that can help them track their assets.
The platform is currently compatible with a total of 1300+ crypto coins and tokens.
Automatic wallet addresses tracking.
Comes pre-built with a personalized news feed.

15. UnSpent

UnSpent crypto asset tracking app

Unspent is a tracking system that has stayed under the radar for quite some time now. However, a quick look at the platform’s overall features shows us that it comes pre-built with every characteristic that one would expect from such a product.

Key Features:

UnSpent makes use of various advanced tracking features that are best suited for seasoned investors.

In addition to showcasing a user’s portfolio value, the app also clearly delineates all of the profits that have been realized by an individual (that too in real-time).

The app allows users to analyze the performance and volatility of their personal crypto assets as well as any correlations that may exist between their holdings.

16. Mintfort

Mintfort cryptocurrency coin portfolio manager app

Mintfort is a desktop-based portfolio management tool that is currently available for use only on Windows and Macbook based devices. It is an API-based platform which means that it can be used in conjunction with a number of popular trading platforms such as Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, Kucoin, Bittrex, and Kraken.

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