Crypto Recovery Might Be On Its Way: JP Morgan Chase

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Per a report from BNN Bloomberg, strategists from JPMorgan have noted that the ongoing crypto crisis or deleveraging has hit an advanced stage and recovery might be on the way.

Firms with higher leverage are more vulnerable to the contagion

Strategists from JPMorgan noted on Wednesday that the ongoing crypto contagion which has seen the declaration of bankruptcy by at least one VC might come to a stop soon, they added that the recent events are not shocking because it is expected when price declines heavily.

They also pointed out that firms who utilized higher leverage in the past are more susceptible to the contagion citing Three Arrows Capital as an example, the strategists which included Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou described the liquidity woes in the firm as a sign of “this deleveraging process”.

Furthermore, they continued, another indication that this deleveraging pattern might hit a dead-end soon is the support beleaguered firms are receiving from stronger companies. FTX has given credit facilities to a few affected crypto firms, and investors haven’t shown disinterest despite the downturn.

The entire crypto space has suffered massively during this time, with the crypto market cap coming down from a former high of $3 trillion to less than a trillion. However, the strategists firmly believe the worst has passed and the industry might very well be on its way to recovery.


FTX allegedly walked away from making a deal with troubled crypto lender Celsius

According to The Block News, two insiders said that FTX was in talks with Celsius to come to an agreement about providing credit facility or acquiring the latter but FTX exited after seeing Celsius’s Financial status.

Celsius’s Legal advisers have reportedly recommended that the firm files for bankruptcy. Celsius has however resisted and has proceeded to solicit for support from its clients to combat the legal recommendation.

One of the Sources told The Block that Celsius had $2 billion unaccounted for in its balance sheet and FTX found the company difficult to come to an agreement with. The firm’s clients have no access to their funds till now. Celsius declared 1.7 million customers and around $12 billion in AuM in May.

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