Gnosis Chain Hits 200K Validators, Now 2nd Largest Staking Network

Gnosis Chain Hits 200K Validators, Now 2nd Largest Staking Network
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In a significant boost for decentralization and community-driven blockchain infrastructure, Gnosis Chain has surpassed 200,000 validators securing its network. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible layer 1 solution now ranks as the second largest proof-of-stake blockchain by active validator count.


Gnosis Chain, a fully EVM-compatible L1 from Gnosis, now has over 200,000 validators
It is the second largest global blockchain validator community after Ethereum
Gnosis Chain offers accessible network validation, requiring only 1 GNO token vs Ethereum’s 32 ETH
Gnosis is leveraging Gnosis Chain’s decentralization to grow Gnosis Pay, a self-custodied electronic cash system
Upcoming developments include the Dencun update with EIP-4844 and the Shutterized Gnosis Chain update for enhanced security and censorship resistance

The achievement marks a major milestone for Gnosis Chain in its mission to advance Ethereum’s core tenets around credible neutrality and censorship resistance. By enabling accessibility to a wide demographic of at-home validators, Gnosis has cultivated a flourishing ecosystem that spans over 70 countries.

Incubated within Ethereum software studio ConsenSys in 2017, Gnosis has established itself at the vanguard of blockchain innovation and development. Its founders, including Martin Köppelman who was named to CoinDesk’s Most Influential 2023 list, have been key architects in the Ethereum ecosystem from its earliest days.


Leveraging shared design principles with Ethereum, Gnosis Chain has differentiated itself through a uniquely inclusive validator model. In stark contrast to Ethereum’s 32 ETH threshold for solo staking, becoming a Gnosis Chain validator requires only a single GNO token valued around $383.

Gnosis Validators
Gnosis Validators

This low barrier to entry empowers home-based validators to participate using consumer-grade hardware like DappNode setups or Intel NUC mini-PCs. By eliminating the steep capital requirements imposed by other blockchains, Gnosis Chain has organically become a standard-bearer for decentralization.

Network statistics underscore Gnosis Chain’s rapid ascent. The protocol has onboarded over 200,000 validators across more than 2,000 nodes in just 24 months since launching. On other prominent chains like Solana and Avalanche, active validator counts register magnitudes lower at under 2,000.

While Ethereum remains the largest staking network with nearly 1 million validators, accessing that scale requires an initial stake of 32 ETH – equivalent to over $100,000. For Gnosis Chain, the 1 GNO plus basic hardware startup costs represent less than $2,000 in total.

By cultivating a democratized and dispersed validator set, Gnosis aims to bolster network resilience and neutrality. The integrity of blockchains rests on avoiding scenarios where control can concentrate into the hands of a few powerful actors. Gnosis’ strategy focuses on diffusing validation duties broadly.

Beyond the core blockchain itself, Gnosis has evolved into an expansive ecosystem for decentralized applications. Its smart contract-powered Gnosis Safe self-custody solution has emerged as an industry gold standard for secure digital asset storage. Decentralized exchange protocol CoW Swap is another key infrastructure pillar.

Heading into 2024, Gnosis is gearing up to harness its thriving validator community to propel a new payment rail dubbed Gnosis Pay. By leveraging its robust consensus network, the project is building a “self-custodied electronic cash system” that revisits cryptocurrency’s original precepts around financial freedom.

As blockchain technology crosses the threshold towards mainstream adoption, Gnosis appears well-positioned to serve as a foundational settlement layer. With upcoming milestones like the EIP-4844 upgrade to enhance rollup scalability and efficiency, the protocol continues future-proofing its stack.

Another major development on the horizon is the Shutterized Gnosis Chain revamp, which is currently undergoing testnet trials. The update aims to fortify frontrunning safeguards and cement anti-censorship guarantees for all participants. Downstream benefits could span fairer trading and extraction of malicious MEV.

With its flagship Dappcon 2024 conference slated for May in Berlin, Gnosis intends to rally its global stakeholder community and celebrate recent accomplishments.

As Validator Communication Lead Armagan Ercan framed it, surpassing 200,000 validators is “testament to our community’s commitment to building this future.”

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