Shiba Inu to Roll Out User-Friendly SHIB Name Tokens as Web3 Usernames

Shiba Inu

The developers behind leading meme coin project Shiba Inu have unveiled an ambitious plan to transform digital identity within the crypto sector. The initiative will introduce SHIB Name Tokens – unique usernames designed to replace wallet addresses across platforms.


Shiba Inu is introducing SHIB Name Tokens to simplify crypto transactions and serve as usernames across web3 platforms.
The tokens aim to replace long, complex wallet addresses with simple *shib usernames to make sending and receiving crypto seamless.
SHIB Name Tokens will be multichain and work across different blockchains, increasing interoperability.
The tokens could become universal usernames for games, dApps, DeFi, social media to unify the web3 experience.
This aligns with Shiba Inu’s integration of Wallet Connect into Shibarium to simplify authorizing wallet transactions.

“These long, complex wallet addresses make no sense to the average user, and it’s time for something simpler,” said lead developer Shytoshi Kusama. The new SHIB Name Tokens aim to streamline sending and receiving crypto to the ease of email.

For example, users could transfer assets using a username like *johnshiba instead of an alphanumeric wallet address. This would provide a smooth, user-friendly experience suited even for non-tech savvy individuals.

Beyond transactions, the tokens also seek to serve as universal usernames across web3. A single SHIB Name Token could become one’s identity across different dApps, NFT games, DeFi protocols, social platforms, and more.

Teams can integrate support for recognizing and utilizing the tokens across their services. This would create a seamless connected experience instead of needing separate accounts and credentials everywhere.

Technically, the SHIB Name Tokens are being designed for multichain interoperability as well. A user could maintain the same identifier across Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon and other networks. This helps unify an increasingly complex blockchain ecosystem.

The SHIB Name Token initiative aligns with Shiba Inu’s broader push towards user-centric design. For example, the team recently integrated Wallet Connect into its Shibarium layer-2 platform to simplify transaction authorization from mobile wallets.

Better UX and accessibility has become a major point of development in crypto over the past year. Leading the shift are massive web2 giants like FTX, Binance and Coinbase, which offer simplified fiat on-ramps and slick interfaces.

Upstarts have also utilized contemporary design like the social money startup Fridge that attracted funding from major VC firm a16z. Apple’s anticipated entry into crypto may also push aesthetic expectations higher.

While established brands optimize end-user experience, Shiba Inu pursues a complementary track – reinventing identity itself. If successful, the SHIB Name Token model could become a template for others looking to build a mainstream-ready web3.

The team’s partnership with domain infrastructure startup D3 will be key in rolling out this vision. D3 helps connect domain names to blockchain wallets while optimizing speed, security and modularity.

With domain expertise from D3, seamless interoperability via the SHIB Name Tokens could spark a new era of user-friendly crypto adoption. The project once again cements meme coin Shiba Inu as an innovator alongside its playful community attitude.

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